ePortfolio Workshop 2011

Der Internationaler Workshop zu ePortfolios in Studium und Lehre
fand am 18./19.11.2011 statt. Hier können Sie sich das Programmheft herunterladen. 


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This workshop (November 18/19, 2011) brought together colleagues (in person and virtually) from Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. 
Involved were secondary schools, colleges for vocational training, research universities, private enterprises for literacy management, and companies focusing on the development of ePortfolio applications. 
This created a broad perspective on how ePortfolios can be used to facilitate livelong learning. The group of participants was also very heterogenous with regard to the participants’ prior knowledge and experience on portfolio work. 
This created a necessity to also ponder the very basic question of why using portfolios in general and ePortfolios in specific. As a result, strong arguments in favor of the use of ePortfolios as a means of “deep learning” surfaced.
It also became clear that the quality of “deep learning” can’t be reached only through ePortfolios but rather requires fundamental changes in the cultures of learning and instruction that currently exist in many educational organizations throughout the world. 
An important part of that change seems to be a better understanding of the current (and future) demands of a knowledge-driven society in general and literacy management in specific. 
The latter may require a radical turnover of how people act and interact in the process of dealing with information and texts within their own individual learning environment, different communities of practice, and institutional frameworks. 
Please contact info@literacy-management.de for more results of the workshop.



Schreibbegleitung für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs 

  • individuelle Schreibberatung: (braeuer@ph-freiburg.de)

  •  22.11., 16-18 Uhr (Schreibzentrum): Schreibwerkstatt. Bringen Sie aktuelle Aufgaben, Texte bzw. Schreibprobleme! Anmelden bis zum 20.11. über braeuer@ph-freiburg.de 

  • Die Anmeldung autonomer Schreibgruppen (freiwillige Zusammenschlüsse von 3-5 Graduierten mit Interesse am regelmäßigen Peer-Textfeedback im Schreibzentrum) ist bis zum 8.11. unter braeuer@ph-freiburg.de möglich.