This conference call encourages discussion of concepts of institutional development to set up writing centers and to integrate writing center work into discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary instruction and learning. This call also looks for training programs for writing/reading experts who work in the writing center and beyond. In addition, presentations on experiences with genre-specific support and the facilitation of writing/reading work aiming for the needs of other educational fields outside of the writing center’s institutional home base are strongly encouraged. Proposals should not only present practical ideas on writing center pedagogy but also show how these ideas are emerging from current writing center theory and research.


Possible formats of presentation in either English, French or German:

  • 20 minutes individual paper (abstract 250 words)
    Your presentation will be matched with two others in a session of 90 minutes total.
  • 90 minutes workshop (abstract 400 words)
    You wish to introduce your colleagues actively to aspects of your work.
  • 90 minutes round-table discussion (abstract 400 words)
    You wish to bring together two to four colleagues to discuss a topic from different perspectives and to involve the audience in this conversation.
  • Poster Presentation (abstract 250 words)
    You wish to provide a visual overview of your work (either in progress or results) and stimulate individual conversation.
  • Half/full day pre-conference workshops (abstract 400 words)
    You wish to engage your colleagues into your work more fully.

Proposal Submission Form:

Proposal and Presentation Tips

Please send your abstracts to erdmuthe.schiller(atnospam) until February 15, 2008.