Initiating Writing Center Work - Connecting Secondary, Higher, and Professional Education

Writing centers are still rather rare in the different educational landscapes within Europe. Nevertheless, the acknowledgment of a growing diversity of learners in primary, secondary, higher and professional education has forced politicians, administrators, and teachers to demand new forms of individualized support for students. In many institutions, so-called learning centers, academic training units, communication centers, and competence centers have been set up. However, in their attempts to support a wide variety of student needs, such centers often fail because of their remits are far too broad.

In contrast, some centers have begun to recognize the importance of focusing on key competencies--such as writing and reading, and presentation skills—in their service. Based on such a focus, highly specialized and therefore effective work with students can become possible, and as a result, specific needs and institutional standards can be made more visible.

Suggested sub-themes:

  • Establishing writing (and reading)/learning centers in primary and secondary education
  • Shaping writing centers in higher education
  • Training of writing/reading tutors and coaches
  • Supporting Writing Fellows in the disciplines
  • Facilitating academics and teachers in designing writing-intensive courses
  • Preparing for genres in the professions

Presentations can be delivered in either English, French, or German.


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