Gespräche mit wissenschaftlichen und literarischen Autor*innen im Schreibzentrum der Stanford University (57 Podcasts)

How I write
by Stanford University

Host Hilton Obenzinger brings faculty and advanced writers from across the disciplines to explore the nuts and bolts, pleasures and pains, of all types of writing. In conversation with his distinguished guests, Hilton examine writers' habits, idiosyncrasies, techniques, trade secrets, hidden anxieties, and delights. We will discuss how a writer generates ideas, sustains large-scale projects, combines research with composition, overcomes various impediments and blocks, and cultivates stylistic innovations. Writing communities share experiences (even bad ones), so that all writers can learn and grow; Stanford is an exceptionally rich community for gaining such insights.

Gesprächsrunde mit Anette Pehnt (Schriftstellerin) im Schreibzentrum

Hier können Sie die Gesprächsrunde mit Schriftstellerin Annette Pehnt herunterladen. Das Gespräch führte Dr. Gerd Bräuer.

Bericht über ein Beratungsgespräch

2012 war Magdalena Knappik Praktikantin im Fernstudium der Freiburger Schreibberaterausbildung.


Magdalena Knappik graduated in 2007 with an M.A. in German Studies from the University of Vienna. She specialised in teaching German as a Second Language and worked for several years in this field. In 2011, she started working in a research project at the University of Vienna called “Diversität und Mehrsprachigkeit in pädagogischen Berufen”. At the same time, she enrolled at the Freiburg training course (directed by Gerd Bräuer) to become a writing tutor. Magdalena is working on her PhD thesis in the field of academic writing development at the University of Vienna with Inci Dirim.

Perspektiven als Schreibberater

Interview Franziska Nauck mit Dr. Sven Arnold,
Absolvent der Freiburger Schreibberaterausbildung (Fernstudium) 


Franziska Nauck graduated in 2003 with an M.A. in cultural studies, philosophy and business administration from Humboldt University in Berlin/Germany. Between 2003 and spring of 2010 she worked for a publishing house in the field of non-fiction books. There she directed the editorial office. In April of 2010 she started her freelance work as a writing coach and teacher in the field of 'writing at work'

At the same time she started to participate in the certified training course for writing coaches at the Freiburg Writing Center (directed by Gerd Bräuer).