Guidelines for Your Stay at the University of Education in Freiburg

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Directions and maps

Freiburg´s location is ideal because of its close proximity to airports, InterCity train routes and the Autobahn. Freiburg also has excellent public transport. The Pädigogische Hochschule is easily accessible by bus, train and tram.
Freiburg can be reached via several airports:

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

The closest airport to Freiburg, 60 km away, offers international flights, as well as charter flights. There is a regular direct coach service to Freiburg which runs from immediately in front of the airport building, and takes about one hour. For timetable see link

There is also a public bus from Europort to Basel, where you can take a train to Freiburg.

Car hire is available at the airport. Take the Autobahn A5 towards Germany (Allemagne) follow the signposts to Freiburg.

Strasbourg Airport (Aéroport de Strasbourg)
About 60 km away from Freiburg, located south of Strasbourg in Entzheim.
Accessible by public transport: Deutsche Bahn from Freiburg to Strasbourg, via Offenburg and Kehl; from the Strasbourg train station there are buses, trams, and trains to the airport. The airport is also accessible by car via the Autobahn A5 in Germany, or the French autoroute.

Karlsruhe-Baden Airport (Baden-Airpark)
The airport is about 100 km north of Freiburg, between Baden-Baden and Karlsruhe. Accessible by train from Freiburg to Baden-Baden, Rastatt or Karlsruhe. From these train stations, buses to the airport are available. There are also direct shuttle bus services from Freiburg. By car: take the exit for Baden-Baden on Autobahn A5.

Zürich Airport
Located about 150 km from Freiburg. Easily accessible by train; there is a direct Intercity Express (ICE) connection from Freiburg 's main train station to Zürich's main train station. From the train station in Zürich, regional trains to the airport are available. By car: take Autobahn A5 to Basel, and then follow signs for Autobahn A3 to Zürich.

Stuttgart Airport
About 200 km away from Freiburg. Easily accessible by train from Freiburg to Stuttgart's main train station via Karlsruhe. From Stuttgart, an S-Bahn runs to the airport. Accessible by car via Autobahn A5 and A8.

Frankfurt Airport
Located 270 km from Freiburg, however conveniently accessible by train. There is a direct connection with the Intercity Express (ICE) from Freiburg's main station to Frankfurt Airport; it takes about two hours, and passengers arrive at the entrance to the terminal.



Freiburg and the University of Education

Freiburg is a beautiful city in the southwest of Germany. It is located close to the French and Swiss borders and surrounded by the hills of the Black Forest, where you can go skiing in winter and hiking in summer. The town offers a great variety of musical and cultural activities.

30,000 of the 210,000 inhabitants of Freiburg are students enrolled either at the University of Education, the Albert-Ludwig University (founded in 1457), the University of Music or other higher education institutions.

The University of Education (PH)

The University of Education, Freiburg (in German Pädagogische Hochschule, or PH for short) was founded in 1962 and gained university status in 1971. With approximately 4,800 students,  it is the second largest of six Universities of Education in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, which is known throughout Germany for its high quality of education.

Two thirds of the students studying at University of Education specialize in teacher training, either for primary or lower secondary schools. These study programs are leading to Bachelor and Master degrees.

A variety of other Bachelor and Master programs related to Education is also available, including:

  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Health Studies
  • German as a Foreign/Second Language
  • Adult Education/ Social Pedagogy

Other Master programs are:

  • Media and Education
  • Psychology of Education (Bildungspyschologie)

Qualified students may also continue their studies for doctoral and postdoctoral degrees. 




We offer rooms and one-room-apartments in different student dorms across Freiburg. Most of the rooms are very close to the PH lecture halls. The rent is very reasonable compared to private accommodation. Places are limited, so you need to book your room as early as possible. Booking is possible with your online application on Mobility Online.

More information about the dorm rooms

Each shared apartment has four to eight single rooms, plus a shared kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are furnished with basic furniture (bed, wardrobe, bookshelves) and bedding is provided. Cups, plates, pots and electronic kettles are not included, but it might be possible to share these items with other students. As internet connection is not always included it may be booked for 10-15 € per month. Shared living- and laundry-rooms are available for all residents. 

The monthly rent for a room in a shared apartment is approximately 270 € including electricity, heating and water. An initial deposit of 500 € is required which will be refunded at the end of your stay. There is also an administrative charge of 21 €.

The monthly rent for a one-room-apartment is approximately 390 € including electricity, heating and water.

Please be aware that the minimum rental period is six months. It may be possible to sublet your room to another student if you wish to leave earlier, but there is no guarantee that this is possible. If you wish to do this you need to contact the Studentenwerk as early as possible.

Private accommodation

At the housing market you will find ads for flat shares, studio apartments, two or more bedroom apartments and houses for rent.

There is also information in English where to find private accommodation here

The Homeshare program offers rooms at a reduced rent in exchange for small chores. For more information please contact Mrs. Nicole Krauße at the Student Union.

The Youth Hostel (Jugendherberge) is within easy reach of the PH. A room costs approximately 25 € per night. It is shared with up to three others of the same gender. Two rooms share one bathroom. Information is available in German only.

Holiday apartments and Hotels
The tourist office offers information in English.

You can rent a holiday apartment starting from around 50 € per night. Bear in mind that they will often be set up for couples and families. (An apartment for two may only have one double bed and groups of students may not be accepted.)  You can also search on the internet using the search term “Ferienwohnungen” (holiday apartments).

The cheapest room in a hotel without en-suite facilities tend to start at around 45 Euros. Rooms with en-suite facilities are likely to be between 80 to 100 Euros per night.

Food and Drink


The cafeterias (Mensa) offer cheap and tasty food for about 3 Euros. You can pay cash or with your PH card. You pay less if you use your PH card. You can charge up your PH card either at the red terminals (EC card needed) or service points in the cafeterias (cash or EC card).

Cafeteria Littenweiler (PH)

Kunzenweg 29 (orange building)

Lunch: Monday- Friday 11:30-14:00
Pasta and salad buffet until 14:45

You can find the latest meal plans online at

Cafeteria Rempartstraße

Rempartstraße  18 (in the town centre)

Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:30–14:00, Saturday 11:30-13:30

Dinner: Monday-Friday 17:30-19:30

 Cafeteria Institutsviertel (in the town centre)

Stefan-Meier-Straße 28

Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:30-14:00
Salad buffet: Monday-Friday 11:30-13:45

Dinner: Monday-Friday 17:00–19:30
(You have to go to the “Institutscafé” which is in the same building)

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Freiburg is appoximately 650-800 € per month.
To help you plan your finances here is an example for a student budget:

Rent: 270-390 €
Food: 150-200 €
Clothing: 35€
Transportation: 10 € (per month with the semester ticket)
Social fees at the university: 10 € (per month, payable at the very beginning)
Study material: 30 €
Culture/ cinema/ theater: 20 €
Other: 100-150 €


The public transport company in Freiburg is called “Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG)”. Students may obtain a so-called "Semester Ticket" in the beginning of each semester. This ticket which enables them to travel within the greater area of Freiburg for 94 € for a whole semester. For more information click here.

How to get to the PH:

By Train:
From Freiburg's main station, take the train to Titisee-Neustadt or Seebrugg. Get out at Freiburg-Littenweiler train station, which is directly next to the Pädogogische Hochsule. This takes about ten minutes.

Link to Deutsche Bahn (DB)

By Tram:
Take tram line 1 from the bridge above Freiburg's main station towards Littenweiler. Get out at the last station, Lassbergstrasse/Littenweiler. From there, walk approximately 200 m along Lindenmattenstrasse. The PH is next to the railway crossing. From Freiburg HBF (main train station), it takes about 20 minutes.

By Taxi:
There are taxi stands in front of the train station. The trip will cost approximately 15 € from the main train station.

“Semesterticket”: If you are enrolled as a student you can get a a semester ticket costing 89 €, which is valid for 6 months (one semester). The “Semesterticket” is valid for all trams, buses and trains (2nd class) in Freiburg as well as in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald area and Emmendingen, excluding ICE (Intercity Express) and IC/EC express trains. The tutors can help you buy your semester ticket in the orientation week.

For further information on other tickets and fares click here.

Sports and Culture

Hochschulsportprogramm: the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg offers a wide range of sport classes for all students. Brochures are available at the International Office or online.

Register online as soon as possible because most of the courses are booked up within the first few days.

Swimming: there are eight indoor swimming pools and three outdoor swimming pools in Freiburg. The closest indoor swimming pool to the PH is the Faulerbad (Faulerstraße 1), the closest outdoor pool is the Strandbad (Schwarzwaldstr. 195).

Sports and Leisure Clubs: further information on sports- and leisure clubs of the city of Freiburg is available online at


Freiburg has many theaters, cinemas, museums and art galleries. Further information is available online at

Information on cultural events is also published in the Badische Zeitung on Wednesdays (special section called Ticket) or available at Tourist Information (Rathausplatz 2-4).

Kulturkneipen: These bars offer live music, cabaret or parties (e.g. the E-Werk (Eschholzstraße 77), Jos Fritz Café (reading, reggae, exhibitions; Wilhelmstraße 15/1), Jazzhaus (live concerts, Schnewlinstraße 1)).

Live Concerts: information is available online at A popular bar and restaurant close to the PH is the "Waldsee" where cheap or free live concerts are offered.

 Arbeitsgemeinschaft-Theater Heute: The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Theater Heute organises theatre visits and cheap trips to cultural events. The meetings take place on Wednesdays, 20:15, Erbprinzstraße 12 (first floor).

To sign up, please contact Hans Meyer-Heubach,
E-Mail: Meyer-Heubach(atnospam)