Studying at the University of Education as an Exchange Student

Requirements for international guest students

Our course calendar for guest students lists all courses especially designed for international students.

Please note: Exchange students are required to enroll in at least five courses (introduction week not included) and obtain a minimum of 15 ECTS and maximum of 30 ECTS. It is mandatory to attend and actively participate in each class to gain the full credit points. In case of illness you may miss two lessons per course. Please contact your professor via e-mail to excuse your absence.

A level of B2 (European Frame of Reference) in either German or English is required if you intend to attend the regular courses at our university. You are not allowed to participate in our regular course offer if your language skills do not meet the requirements. For students with a lower level of German or English we offer a special program with a limited range of courses. To view a model schedule please click here.

Upon application you need to present a language certificate for each language you wish to study in. You may use a certificate of your home university.

Additionally, your language skills will  be tested after your arrival. The PH test is the basis for the selection of your classes here. At the end of the semester you will take another German test as a proof of your progress. You will get an official certificate for free that you may present at your home university.

ERASMUS students are requested to upload a Learning Agreement on our Portal Mobility Online. You can find our academic program and course calendar on the LSF portal.

Your contribution

Sudents from Freiburg University of Education’s official partner universities do not pay fees at the PH. Each student has to pay a contribution to the student union of 78€ per semester for social services.



ECTS Credit Points and Transfer

The ECTS credit point system is valid for all courses in all subjects at the PH. The number of credit points is usually shown in each course description.
As a guide:

  • a standard seminar course with assessment is worth 3 - 4 ECTS points
  • a lecture course with assessment is worth 2 ECTS points
  • a practical course or tutorial with assessment is worth 3 ECTS points
  • an advanced seminar course is worth up to 6 ECTS points
  • a practical course/ tutorial with assesment/ project is worth 3 ECTS points
  • a practicum (1 day per week) is worth 3 ECTS points
  • a practicum (4 weeks) is worth 5 ECTS poins.

Please note that this is only for your orientation. The number of ECTS credit points depends on the work performed. (1 ECTS point is approximately 25-30 hours of workload). Please speak with your lecturer in the beginning of the semester how many credits you will receive and what you have to do for it.

Form "Course Certificate for Exchange Students"

Further information on the ECTS credit point system and how to get the Transcript of Records

You will receive a Transcript of Records at the end of your stay. This document will show the Credit Points you achieved. Responsible for the Transcripts of Record at the International Office is  Mrs. Bartholmä. 

Courses Taught in English

International students without a suitable level of German will find a variety of courses in the English department and other subject areas taught in English. These courses are suitable for native and non-native speakers of English, students enrolled in teacher training  and students of other subject areas wishing to extend their inter-cultural knowledge. A B2 level of English is required to attend these classes. A special inter-cultural training is offered to international guest students. Details will be given after arrival. 

The academic program/ course calendar is updated at the end of July for the winter term and at the end of February for the summer term. All courses are available at LSF.

International students with a suitable level of German (B2 or higher) are welcome to take part in any program or course at the University of Education.

Special courses for our exchange students

Some courses are offered exclusively for our exchange students, e.g. language courses (German, starting at level A1/beginners), German Regional Studies, or Intercultural Trainings. These courses are also available on LSF

Funding and Scholarships

There are Baden-Württemberg-Scholarships available to incoming students from our partner universities.  These grants provide 500€ per month for suitably qualified applicants. Exchange students have to apply through their international office by 1 April for the following October or by 1 December for the following April. For information and application forms click here

Students coming from one of our European Erasmus partner universities who wish to study at least 3 months at the PH Freiburg may apply for an Erasmus grant with their home university.

Students not coming from an official partner university of the PH may inquire with the International Office.  If your home university is willing to offer a place to one of our students now or in the future it may be possible to set up an exchange.

Services Offered by the Student Union (Studierendenwerk)

The Student Union offers a variety of services that students may use free of charges. All costs are covered by the social fees that each student is obligated to pay at the beginning of the semester. These services are:

International Club

Meeting point for international students who are interested in intercultural exchange. Club Membership comes with a number of advantages, such as excursions, parties, reduced fees for excursions and admission to MensaBar events, help looking for a tandem partner and much more. A Club Membership costs about 2 Euro per semester.

For further information, please contact the International Club or via its Email address: ic(@) or visit the homepage of the Student Union.

Job Service

The job service includes short-term jobs as well as long-term positions and internships. All students may use this service free of charge. Please follow your visa rules and regulations for residence and employment. 

Excursions and cultural events

Each semester, Freiburg’s Student Union offers  excursions to a wide variety of destinations at very reasonable prices. These excursions are accompanied by tutors.  Book early! (Look for events and culture/international club or “studitours” on the English pages).


The Studierendenwerk offers free counselling for students, e.g. psychotherapeutic counselling, legal counselling, social counselling, advice on studying or for students with special needs. See their website.

Enrollment /Reregistration

Enrollment (“Immatrikulation”)
You will be enrolled before your arrival at the University of Education.


Please note that degree-seeking students have to contact Mr. Lebfromm in order to verify that they meet the requirements for enrollment at the University of Education. Enrollment of degree-seeking students takes place at the Sekretariat für Studienangelegenheiten.


Re- Registration (“Rückmeldung”)
You have to re-register (“Rückmeldung”) in January for the summer term or in June for the winter term. Please ask at the International Office if you want to stay for more than one semester. The social and administration fees (“Sozialbeitrag”) have to be paid each semester. Please contact the International Office if you would like to extend your stay.

Tuition fees: Students from our partner universities do not have to pay tuition fees!

Academic advice

If you have any questions concerning the content or organisation of one of your courses, please contact your lecturers. A list of our partner institutions and academic contacts will be handed out during orientation week. If you wish to speak to teaching staff outside class, you can see them during their office hours (Sprechstunden). Sometimes you need to sign up for an appointment or e-mail in advance.Each member of the teaching staff offers at least one office hour per week. You can find the times on the department’s notice board or homepage.

Semester Dates

Semesters run from the beginning of October until the end of March and the beginning of April until the end of September. 

Lectures in the winter semester usually start mid-October and finish mid-February. In the summer semester lectures begin mid-April and finish in the end of July. 

For our exchange students we offer an Orientation Week two weeks before lectures begin, and a Consultation and Advice Week (Beratungswoche) one week before lectures begin. At the end of each lecture period there is an Examination Week (Prüfungswoche).

Academic Calendar 2017/18

 Time of lecture

  • "s. t." = sine tempore (lat.) means the lecutre starts at for example 9:00 o'clock sharp.  
  • "c. t." = cum tempore (lat.) means that the lecture starts at for example  9:15 h.

Please check the course catalogue for the exact time of lectures.

Writing and Computer Center, SDM

Writing Center

The writing center (“Schreibzentrum”) offers help and support in writing essays, minutes, portfolios, presentations etc. The writing center is near the staircase leading up to the cafeteria (“Mensa Zwischendeck”).

Advance notice of visit: termin(atnospam)


Computer Centre

The computer centre (“ZIK= Zentrum für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie“) is responsible for your “PH- Account“. The ZIK also lends technical devices (notebooks, digital cameras, cassette recorders etc.). They may also help you with technical problems. Their service point is in KG IV, room 035 (ground floor).

Office hours:    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30- 12:30  and 13:30-16, Wednesday 11:30-12:30 and 13:30-16, Friday 9:30-12:30



Library of the University of  Education

Kunzenweg 21; Tel.: 0761.682-202


Opening hours: Monday- Friday 8:00-20:00, Saturday  and Sunday 09:00-18:00


University Libraries (Universitätsbibliothek—UB)

Tel.: 0761.2 03 39 18


UB 1 (open 24h): Platz der Universität 2

UB 2 (open Mo-Fr. 8-20h and Sa. 9-18h): Rempartstr. 10-16

Libraries of the University Departments

The libraries of the university departments (“Fachbereichsbibliotheken”) are reference libraries. You find them in each department of the university.


 Library of the City of Freiburg (Stadtbibliothek)

Münsterplatz 17; Tel: 0761.20 12 20 7


Opening hours: Tuesday- Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00 

You have to pay a user fee of 10€ per year.

School placements

A school placement for a practicum once a week or a full month may be arranged. Students may compare teaching practice in their home country to teaching practice in Germany. Please keep in mind that you need to have a B2 level of German, English or French.

Contact Mrs. Salzmann at the International Office for help if required.

For more information (in German) visit the school placement office´s website

The school placement office is in KG II, Room 218/219; Tel: 0761.682-283 or 0761 82–284

If a placement is not possible, we might arrange an individual solution for you to visit a school as an observer. The International Office may help you investigate this possibility during the Orientation Week.

Opening up a bank account

NON- ERASMUS students who receive a German scholarship and/or rent a room with us need to open a German bank account. Usually, there are no fees. It takes between 5-7 business days before the account may be used.

For opening an account please take with you:

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • ID- Card or Passport
  • address in Freiburg

You will receive further information about this after your arrival in Freiburg.


Health Insurance

Please make sure you are sufficiently insured for your journey and your stay in Germany. It is your duty to ensure that your individual needs are covered! If you have questions please contact the International Office.

Before you can be enrolled as a student at the PH you need the confirmation of a compulsory health insurance (“Krankenversicherungsbescheinigung einer gesetzlichen Krankenkasse”) .

Students from EU countries, European Economic Area and Switzerland: Before you come to Germany you need to get a “European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)“ from the health insurance authorities in your home country. After arriving in Germany your EHIC needs to be presented at a local compulsory health insurance  (“gesetzliche Krankenkasse”) in order to receive the confirmation of compulsory health insurance that you need. We will provide help with this during the Orientation Week.

For non- European students: In order to be enrolled as a student at the PH you will have to obtain a health insurance from one of the compulsory health insurance companies (“gesetzliche Krankenkasse”). If you obtain a valid health insurance in your home country the coverage needs to be equivalent to the coverage of a German health insurance. In this case you may apply for an exemption.

Help will be provided during the Orientation Week.

Registration Office

Please see the Registration Office for:

  • Registering:  Here you have to register as a citizen of Freiburg.
  • Confirmation of Stay: Here you have to submit the duration of your stay in Freiburg.

Address: Fehrenbachallee 12, 79106 Freiburg 

Opening Hours: Mo, Fri 7:30 - 12:30h, Tue, Wed, Thu 07:30-18:00h

Please take with you:

  • ID- Card/ Passport
  • Student Report (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
  • Report of German Health Insurance
  • Confirmation of scholarship or from your parents (about 600- 700 Euro/ month)
  • NON- EU Students may have to bring a passport picture

The Student Tutors are happy to help you with the registration process.

Please note that at the end of your stay you have to deregister. See the link for de-registering online.




Accommodation for Students

We offer rooms and one-room-apartments in different student dorms across Freiburg. Most of the rooms are very close to the PH lecture halls. The rent is very reasonable compared to private accommodation. Places are limited, so you need to book your room as early as possible. Booking is possible with your online application on Mobility Online.

More information about the dorm rooms

Each shared apartment has four to eight single rooms, plus a shared kitchen and bathroom. The rooms are furnished with basic furniture (bed, wardrobe, bookshelves) and bedding is provided. Cups, plates, pots and electronic kettles are not included, but it might be possible to share these items with other students. As internet connection is not always included it may be booked for 10-15 € per month. Shared living- and laundry-rooms are available for all residents. 

The monthly rent for a room in a shared apartment is approximately 270 € including electricity, heating and water. An initial deposit of 500 € is required which will be refunded at the end of your stay. There is also an administrative charge of 21 €.

The monthly rent for a one-room-apartment is approximately 390 € including electricity, heating and water.

Please be aware that the minimum rental period is six months. It may be possible to sublet your room to another student if you wish to leave earlier, but there is no guarantee that this is possible. If you wish to do this you need to contact the Studentenwerk as early as possible.

Private accommodation

At the housing market you will find ads for flat shares, studio apartments, two or more bedroom apartments and houses for rent.

There is also information in English where to find private accommodation here

The Homeshare program offers rooms at a reduced rent in exchange for small chores. For more information please contact Mrs. Nicole Krauße at the Student Union.

The Youth Hostel (Jugendherberge) is within easy reach of the PH. A room costs approximately 25 € per night. It is shared with up to three others of the same gender. Two rooms share one bathroom. Information is available in German only.

Holiday apartments and Hotels
The tourist office offers information in English.

You can rent a holiday apartment starting from around 50 € per night. Bear in mind that they will often be set up for couples and families. (An apartment for two may only have one double bed and groups of students may not be accepted.)  You can also search on the internet using the search term “Ferienwohnungen” (holiday apartments).

The cheapest room in a hotel without en-suite facilities tend to start at around 45 Euros. Rooms with en-suite facilities are likely to be between 80 to 100 Euros per night.