Prof. Dr. Tony Abbott

Name/ Titel
Tony Abbott, Full Professor and Doctor of Geography

Stetson University

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Dauer des Aufenthalts an der PH
Jan 2018 – May 2018

Ziel des Aufenthalts
PH Freiburg

Weitere  Forschungsaufenthalt bzw. Gastprofessor an deutsch-sprachigen Hochschulen
Only at the PH Freiburg.  

Auswahl an administrativen Erfahrungen

  • Professor of Environmental Science, Stetson University
  • Mentor, Stetson Environmental Sustainability Fellows
  • President, Florida Colombia Partners of the Americas
  • Provost Faculty Fellow for International Learning (2016-2018)

Auswahl an Publikationen seit 2000

  • In progress Modern Representations of William Bartram in the Southern United States
  • 2014 Brady, Kelly and J. Anthony Abbott. "Residential development and habitat fragmentation effects on gopher tortoise (Gophorus polyphemus) population densities." The Florida Geographer, 45: 4-13
  • 2012 Abbott, J. Anthony and Kiryssa Kasprzyk. "Hot air: Correlating university climate action plans with state greenhouse gas emissions policy within the federal climate change policy vacuum." The Professional Geographer. Available online.
  • 2011.03 Abbott, J. Anthony. "Public Support Systems and Permitting Procedures for Wind Power in the United States," in Energía eólica: Cuestiones jurídicas, económicas y ambientales, edited by Masao Javier López Sako, published by Thomson-Civitas (Spain).
  • 2010.07 Abbott, J. Anthony. "The localized and scaled discourse of conservation for wind power in Kittitas County, Washington." Society and Natural Resources, 23: 969-985.
  • 2009.09 Abbott, J. Anthony and Dan Krinsky. "Identifying prospective sites for industrial solar power facilities in eastern central Florida using geospatial analysis." The Florida Geographer, 40, 62-77.
  • 2009.06 Hill, Lauren L. and J. Anthony Abbott. "Surfing as a source of activism? A case-study of Floridian surfers and environmental action." Southeastern Geographer, 49(2), 157-170.
  • 2009.01 Hill, Lauren L. and J. Anthony Abbott. "Surfacing tension: toward a political ecological critique of surfing representation." Geography Compass, 3(1), 275-296.
  • 2006.06 Abbott, J. Anthony. "Measuring thermal variations in a valley environment using a team," field project designed by students. The Journal of Geography, 105(3), 121-128.
  • 2006.03 Abbott, J. Anthony and Vernon Meentemeyer. "Vegetation effects on suburban air conditioning." Urban Geography, 26(6), 558-564.
  • 2005.05 Abbott, J. Anthony. "Counting beans: Agrobiodiversity, indigeneity, and agrarian reform." The Professional Geographer, 57(2), 198-212.