The Institute of Mathematics Education Freiburg (IMEF) is committed to five key issues:

  1. The Investigation of processes of teaching and learning mathematics, building an empirical foundation for the development and optimization of mathematics teaching (see research),
  2. Up to date and grade-specific training for future teachers, combining reflected mathematics, and didactic concepts with results of empirical classroom research and school practice. (see teaching).
  3. Grade-specific and practically relevant teacher training guarantees to provide modern, competence -oriented and learner centred ideas for math classes in school. (see practice)
  4. Publishership of teacher magazines and authorship of handbooks covering all aspects of teaching mathematics at school. (see practice)
  5. Intensive promotion of young academics in the context of research projects and the involvement in KeBU, a cooperation of academics and scientists of the University of Freiburg and the University of Education Freiburg.