Welcome to the Research and Career Development Office (RCDO)

Education is the most valuable asset a country and its people can have. Education, however, it is not a product, but a lifelong process. To shape this process, we need research: Research to establish soundly based principles founded on empirical evidence. Educational research has a special home in Baden Württemberg: in the six Universities of Education. One of these is the University of Education in Freiburg, where our Research and Career Development Office (RCDO) is located. Its aim is to foster research for education.
Our service is open to all researches of the University of Education, from the student with interest in doctoral studies to the experienced professor. One of our main tasks is the assisting in preparing proposals for and managing third-party-funded research projects. Therefore we cooperate closely with the Dean’s offices and the researchers of all disciplines, with our department of finance, with the funding organizations and with all other institutions participating.
Another principle task is the development of our upcoming generation of academics. Within the framework of our educational graduate academy - named “Bildungswissenschaftliche Graduiertenakademie” (BiwAk) - we offer individual counseling, coaching and a transdisciplinary qualification program e.g. in the areas research methods, higher education teaching methodology, career planning, languages and scientific writing. We provide advice on question concerning how to become a doctoral candidate, work-life-balance, fellowships and grants. 
If you have any question do not hesitate to contact our team at forschung(atnospam)ph-freiburg.de.

To gain an impression of the research on Universities of Education we highly recommend our following video “Research for Education