Keynote Prof. Sarah Holloway, 23.03.2022, 15.00 Uhr

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Wir freuen uns, mit Prof. Sarah Holloway (Loughborough University) eine Pionierin im Forschungsfeld der geographischen Kindheitsforschung für unsere Keynote begrüßen zu dürfen. Ihr Vortrag mit dem Titel „Feminism and Children’s Geographies: Linkages, Autonomy, Relations, and Connections“ widmet sich den vielfältigen Überschneidungspunkten der feministischen Geographien mit der geographischen Kindheitsforschung und zeigt auf, wie sich die beiden Forschungsfelder in ihrer Geschichte wechselseitig beeinflusst haben. Der Vortrag wird über Zoom stattfinden und in englischer Sprache sein. Um eine Anmeldung wird zur besseren Planung gebeten. Der Zoom-Link zum Vortrag wird nach Anmeldung verschickt.

Feminism and Children’s Geographies: Linkages, Autonomy, Relations, and Connections

The purpose of this lecture is to explore the intersections between Feminist and Children’s Geographies. The first section, Linkages, examines the diverse roots of Children’s Geographies, demonstrating the importance of both feminist and other intellectual traditions in the development of this field. Autonomy, the second section, focuses on vibrant research into children’s competence as social actors. Illustrations are drawn from investigations into children’s landscapes of play. The third section, Relations, considers how feminist theorisations of subjects as contingent constructions reshape the agenda in Geographies of Children, Youth and Families. This is exemplified through a case study on after-school childcare provision. Connections, the final section, interrogates the contemporary meeting points between researchers in Feminist, Children’s and Education Geographies. A research vignette about private tuition elucidates this nexus. In conclusion, the paper argues that Feminist Geography has been an important influence on the development of Geographies of Children, Youth and Families, but its ongoing role is not assured.

About Prof. Sarah Holloway:

Sarah Holloway is a Professor of Human Geography at Loughborough University. She is a Feminist Geographer with an international reputation for research in Children’s Geographies and Geographies of Education. Her recent research explores these themes through a focus on geographies of education and learning, a field which foregrounds the ways wider social processes shape (and are reshaped through) formal and informal spaces of education, and considers how this is experienced, embraced and contested by educators and diverse subjects of education. Her research on primary education explores: neoliberal educational restructuring; the growth of enrichment activities for children; the changing nature of play; parenting education; and mothers’ efforts to balance earning a living with caring for their children. In the secondary sector, her research explores the marketisation of private tuition and socio-spatial differentiation in the use of tutors. In the university sector, she has explored implications of gender, sexuality and religion in young people’s accrual of cultural capital when they are internationally mobile for higher education.

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