All students from our partner universities outside the Erasmus programme are invited to apply for this scholarship.



Duration and amount

Students can apply to get the scholarship for three to eleven months. The amount of the scholarship can vary, but must be at least 500€ per month.



Application for international guest students

Please send your application per mail to Frau Salzmann.


  • Deadline for your application is April 1st for our winter term.

Your application is then evaluated by a team ofinformieren.


Application form

Letter of motivation




The Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM provides you with a monthly financial support for the period of your stay at the University of Education Freiburg.

Besides, you are also going to be part of the network AROUND the scholarship holders.
During the summer term, always the end of June, you will have the opportunity to meet scholarship holders from other Universities at the Sommerfest (“summer festival”). The event takes place every year – always located at a different university in Baden-Württemberg.

In the winter term,  you will be invited to the annually meeting of the “Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUM”, which is also organized by a different university each year.

Furthermore, Freiburg has a very active network of scholarship holders and alumnis who are supoorting the regional chapter. The RC offers trips, weekly “Stammtisch” meetings, and provides you the opportunity to make new and interesting contacts within this network.