NETT meeting 2018

From June 12th to June 16th, we welcome the representatives of our partner universities of the NETT network in Freiburg.

Euch allen ein herzliches WILLKOMMEN!!

We are very much looking forward to hosting our meeting.

We have made reservations for our NETT guests in two hotels:

·         The motelOne, a new and stylish hotel right in the city center; the rooms are €69 per night/person, including breakfast. And

·         The Hotel Schiff, a more traditional house which is situated between the city center and the University of Education; the rooms are €79 per room (in this hotel, we also have seven rooms where two guests could stay, there might be an additional charge of 16€ in this case). Breakfast is also included in this price.

Please use the registration form in order to tell us the hotel of your choice; we will make the reservations in your name. Important note: please make sure that you make your reservation before April 15th  2018!


The programme of our NETT meeting as of November 2017 will be as following:

Tuesday June 12th

Get-together at the Pädagogische Hochschule, starting around 6.30 pm. Participant bring some typical food from their home region to share, the PH will provide drinks and local food as well.

Meeting point: Either in front of or in the foyer of KG IV (depending on the weather).

Wednesday June 13th

 Morning: Plenary session, starting at 9 a.m.

·         Greetings from the president of the Pädagogische Hochschule

·         NETT Plenary, with presentations: what’s new in our university?

·         Campus Tour

·         Lunch at the Mensa (PH restaurant)


Workshops 2 – 4 p.m.

Propositions, there might still occur some changes

Workshop 1: Erasmus expert from our national agency DAAD (has been requested)

Workshop 2: Verena Bodenbender and Friederike Hoch: Short programmes as a tool for internationalization of higher education. Verena and Friederike will present the short programmes of their university and explain the goals they have in mind by offering such programmes. Participants are invited to share their programmes as well, and there will be a discussion about the usefulness or risks of such programmes.

Workshop 3: Sabine Lam: Erasmus + Strategic Partnership: Teacher Well Being and Diversity (TWBD)

HIOA coordinates this partnership with teacher educations and schools from South Africa, Ireland, Norway and Denmark

Workshop 4: Elisabeth Fernbach: "The art of Human Rights"

The  subject of education has become a hot topic of discussion in politics, economics and schools. In order to cope with recent educational challenges this workshop encourages us to undertake art educational processes, to be courageous, to take chances at being self-dependent, to seek discourse and to keep solidarity in mind as the existential challenge of our time. Education in art and art in education is a road to self-discovery and to understanding of others and the world.

Key Words: Art, Education, Educational Science, Responsibility, Human Rights, Identity, Solidarity, Society, Community, Synergy, Empathy

4.30  – 5.30 p.m.: Presentation of the German School System by Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kotthoff

Evening: Project Dinner at the „Haus zur Lieben Hand“ in the city center

Thursday June 14th

Morning: Visit to Schools or prestentation of our international STEM project at the PH ( all these contents have yet to be confirmed)

Group 1: Hosptiation an elementary or a secondary 1 school.

Group 2: If someone would like to, we could try to arrange for them to teach at a school. We would have to receive information about the subject they want to treat a couple of months prior to the meeting in order to be able to tell the schools what to expect.

Group 3: Planning of a cooperation with a school from their hometown and a school in Freiburg. This school would then be visited during the morning (if an interested school can be found...)

Meeting for lunch at the Ouzeria


·         Presentation of the morning

·         Possibilities of cooperation in the field of school placements for our students

·         International Weeks

·         What to do at the 2019 meeting

Wine tasting, guided city tour (all), followed by dinner (several options in case the group wants to split up)

Friday June 15th

Trip to the Schauinsland, visit of a typical black forest farm (Schniederli-Hof) or a mine. Hike to a restaurant for lunch. Hike back down the hill (or back with the funicula).

The price for this trip is not included in the conference fee

Saturday June 16th


All those who wish to start a cooperation within one of the ERASMUS+ key actions stay to organise the drafting of the application.The conference ends after lunch (not included in the conference fee).


In order to registrate for the conference, please fill out this form and send it to Annette Himmelsbach of the international office. Our deadline for registration is also April 15th 2018.

There will be a conference fee of 100€ per person (for colleagues from countries in country group 3: 50€) . Included in this fee are

  • The conference dinner on June 13th
  • Lunches on June 13th and 14th
  • A wine tasting and guided city tour on June 14th
  • Public transportation on June 13th - 15th.

After you registered, you will get information about the payment procedures.

On Friday, June 15th, we will offer a trip in the surrounding area of Freiburg. For those of you who want to participate in this trip, there will be an additional fee (to be announced).