Summer School Placement


Here are some thoughts that participants of the SSP 2017 shared about their experiences:

"It was good to be observing and teaching in the German school system"

"I really enjoyed my time on the placement"

"I had the opportunity to teach, and the feedback from the head teacher and the students was very satisfactory. I developped a close relationship with the childrean and I will miss them - and all the staff members"

"The teachers made me feel very welcome. The placement challenged me and put me out of my comfort zone"

"I liked that I learned some basic German words during my time in Freiburg"

"Freiburg is beautiful!"



Summer School Placement 2019: May 13th till June 8th

With our Summer School Placement, we give students from our partner universities in Northamerica, the UK and Ireland (and with English as their native language) the opportunity to spend four exciting weeks at Freiburg!


The Summer School Placement is a combination of a classical school placement and a summer school. Students spend the mornings as interns at elementary or secondary schools in or near Freiburg. On two out of five afternoons per week, a programme including a beginners’ German language course and a reflection on the experience gained during the internship will be offered at University of Education Freiburg. Before the school placement, classes lika an introduction to the German education system will be held. You can find a sample programme here. The programme of the SSP 2019 is likely to be very similar. 

The programme includes short trips and guided tours (offered by Studitours) in Freiburg and the surrounding area (there will be an additional charge for these trips, please check the program below or the homepage of Studitours). You can also arrange your own trips, for example to Paris (only 3 hours away) or Berlin (6,5 hours away).

6 ECTS can be gained by participating in this programme.


The costs of the Summer School Placement for freemovers are 800€.

Students from our partner universities do not have to pay this fee.

Students need to get insurance prior to participation at the SSP. If their insurance doesn't cover internships abroad, students can buy a combined health insurance/liability insurance for 32€ per month. You find more information about this insurance here. As this is probably the cheapest way to get a valid health insurance for your stay, we recommend this option.

For travel in Freiburg, it is best to buy the RegioKarte. This ticket allows you to use the tram and local trains for one month at the price of 38.50€ for students.


Accommodation is provided in hostels. The overall cost of accommodation for one person is around 900€ in a single bedrooom, around 550€ in a shared bedroom for the duration of the programme.

If you wish to, we can also try to find accommodation with familes in Freiburg. This would make your stay less pricey. However, there is no guarantee that we can find a host family for you.


Please write to Dr. Bodenbender with all questions concerning this program.You can use this application form in order to apply. The deadline for your application is March 1st 2019.

Please note that there is a registration fee of 400€. This fee is not refundable if you withdraw from the programme. If you participate in the Summer School Placement, this fee is going to be used to pay for a part of your accommodation.