Side programme

In addition to your seminars, we offer you the chance to get to know Freiburg and its surroundings during your stay.

For the two week stay the side programme offers you several activities that you can join:

  • a city rally which offers an exciting way to get to know the hot spots of Freiburg
  • a historical guided city tour to learn more about Freiburg’s history (cost 6,50€)
  • a visit to the Schauinsland-mountain, with Germany's longest cable car the Schauinslandbahn, to enjoy a fantastic view (cost 9,50€)
  • a barbecue (price included) at Studienhaus Wieseneck (your accommodation in Freiburg)  and a short night hike in the black forest
  • a bar hopping night through Freiburg's bars and pubs (cost depends on how many drinks you get ;)  beer ~4€, cocktail ~8€)
  • a special bike ride through Freiburg
  • a restaurant hopping tour to taste local food and encounter Freiburg at the same time (cost 49€)
  • a picnic at the Dreisam (cost 5-10€)
  • an open stage night in the PH's culural café (KuCa)
  • a dinner at the local Café Atlantik (cost 7€) and a visit to a German beer garden
  • a hike in the beautiful black forest, with a break at a typical Black Forest house