International: Forschung und Projekte / Research and Projects

International dimensions play an important role in educational research. The University of Education therefore hosts several departments and professorships that are characterised by their genuine international perspective: these include, for example, the fields of foreign languages and bi-lingual teaching, teaching German as a foreign language, and comparative and international education research.

In addition, academic staff at the University of Education Freiburg is involved in numerous research and development projects funded under European schemes such as FP7/Horizon2020 and LLP/Erasmus+). International projects, for example, relate to the use of media in education, the roles of cultural diversity and global citizenship, and promoting entrepreneurship and creativity. Projects promoting innovative practices in math and science education have contributed to our institution’s renowned standing across Europe in this area. Furthermore, curriculum development projects serve to share the University of Education’s expertise in developing teacher education programmes with other countries and institutions. A short presentation of recent and ongoing projects can be found here.

The University of Education Freiburg regularly organises and hosts international events and conferences. These bring together researchers and other stakeholders in education to discuss the latest research, share new insights and shape trends in educational research and practice in Europe.

Recent and upcoming international events and conferences include:

  • Symposium - International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education (IGU – CGE) (2012)
  • Conference – Transformative Learning meets Bildung (2013)
  • CESE Conference (Comparative Education Society Europe): Governing Educational Space - Knowledge, Teaching and Learning in Transition (2014)
  • Teacher Education in Afganistan – Challenges and prospects (2015)
  • Educating the Educators: final conference of the FP7 project mascil and DZLM (2016)

Our internationalization strategy aims to further strengthen our profile, network and resources as a locally anchored and internationally embedded university. Supporting services for international collaboration are available to all academic staff, and also in particular to early-career researchers through the Research Service Department and the International Office at the University of Education Freiburg, and further through the joint EU-Office of the Universities of Education in Baden-Wuerttemberg.