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Whether you are interested in collaboration, in an exchange with us, whether you would like to obtain our expertise or simply register for our newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us at icse[atnospam]ph-freiburg.de.

The ICSE Team

Prof. Dr. Katja Maaß, Director (Email)

Katja is a researcher, educator and leader of international projects in mathematics and science education. She holds a master’s degree in mathematics and biology, acquired her PhD in mathematics education in 2004 and was awarded professorship in the same year. Her main professional interests are modelling and applications (solving open, realistic problems with the help of mathematics) and inquiry-based science teaching. Her research has been published widely in the most prestigious journals in the field. Next to teaching and research in these fields, her work is characterised by a strong practical and melioristic concern towards advancing science teaching. Katja has successfully coordinated numerous large-scale European projects (see above and here) to foster innovation in STEM education, including award-winning projects like PRIMAS, mascil or COMPASS. She has acted as the German representative in the EC’s working group on science and mathematics education with a particular focus on low achieving students and co-initiated the European STEM Professional Development Centre Network. Katja is also a highly experienced and renowned professional development course instructor of in-service teachers and facilitators in the German-speaking countries and her focus on transferring research into practice is also mirrored in publications directly addressing teachers. Her work is distinguished by both a local and international orientation and she relies on excellent networks to research, policy and practice. As the founding director of ICSE she aims to take European collaboration in STEM education to a next level so as to maximise quality, equality and innovation in day-to-day STEM teaching.

Dr. Diana Wernisch, Managing Director (Email)

Diana has a multi-disciplinary background with a degree in business and the social sciences, a doctorate in education research and a certificate for higher education and research management. She has been working in international and intercultural settings in higher education for 10 years. Her expertise covers in particular international cooperation in (higher) education and she is a professional in managing research, development and dissemination projects at higher education institutions. Since 2010, she has been the senior project manager and networking agent for our Science in Society projects (e.g. FP7 projects PRIMAS and mascil) and has been co-leading the projects’ Freiburg team. She has served on the board of several international conferences, co-conceptualised and implemented our influential policy events in Brussels in the field of science education and worked as an evaluator for the European Commission. She has a track record in building and managing successful international dissemination and public engagement strategies, managing quality in international projects with a focus on long-term impact through sustainable links to society. Diana is ICSE's managing director. She is overseeing project implementation and is responsible for all administrative and networking-related aspects of ICSE's work.

Elisabeth Ahner-Tudball, Programme Manager & Centre Lead Assistant (Email)

Elisabeth studied Philosophy in Cologne and Freiburg, and graduated from the University of Freiburg in Philosophy and Historical Anthropology (M.A.). She has worked as a curator in scientific and cultural institutions and developed a strong interdisciplinary focus. Elisabeth has a broad background ranging from curating and managing (international) cultural programmes to conceptualizing and implementing educational offers. Before joining our team at the International Centre for STEM Education (ICSE), Elisabeth worked as a publishing editor. Elisabeth is ICSE’s main professional responsible for all internal and external organisation and communication and she is the project manager of our high-level project MaSDiV in which 11 European ministries work together with renowed researchers in STEM education.

Katharina Flößer, Programme Specialist (Email)

Katharina studied mathematics and physics for secondary education at the renowned KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and has, previously to commencing her appointment at ICSE in 2017, been teaching at the Goethe Gymnasium Emmendingen. She is a qualified teacher for the bilingual teaching of STEM subjects and has experience in fostering international dimensions in STEM classrooms by working with students on tasks that specifically carry international settings. Katharina is also experienced in bringing inquiry-based learning and interdisciplinary connections into her classroom and is specifically trained to enhance student learning by including longer-term student projects into regular class work. At ICSE, Katharina brings her expertise into our national and international STEM education projects and contributes specifically to the design and dissemination of IBL and interdisciplinary tasks and to our professional development programs for teachers and schools.

Elena Schäfer

Elena Schäfer, Programme Manager (Email)

Elena Schäfer has her Bachelor’s degree in educational planning and instructional design and a Master’s in educational studies with the focus on adult education and professional development. Her professional experience includes workin in public relations and adult education, e.g. developing educational materials and training programs as well as evaluating them. Elena joined the PHFR team in 2013 and worked in our large-scale projects PRIMAS and mascil. She brought in her experiences in implementing marketing concepts and dissemination plans to promote our projects' aims and activities and, for example, has been the main organiser of our international conferences (such as Educating the Educators I and II). Elena is the responsible project manager for two of ICSE’s current Erasmus+ projects – IncluSMe and STEM PD Net – and she is co-responsible for the European STEM Professional Development Centre Network which has been founded 2014 at the University of Education and which backs the STEM PD Net project.

Anika Weihberger, Programme Specialist (Email)

Anika has been a teacher for mathematics, physics and economics in lower and upper secondary schools for 10 years and is currently, next to her partical secondment to ICSE, teaching at the Rotteck Gymnasium in Freiburg. She has joined the team in 2014 and has since then brought her expertise to developing inquiry-based learning tasks for students, using in particular real-life and world-of-work contexts. Anika is also highly experienced in leading professional development courses and designing learning material for teachers on how to implement open and enticing learning environments in STEM classrooms. Anika is ICSE’s expert for STEM classroom and professional development materials and involved in our international projects. She is also the lead developer of our programs for schools and teachers in Germany.