Research - Luis Saboga-Nunes

Current research interests

  • The origins of health (salutogenesis) and Health Literacy
  • Society and health: sociological paradigms
  • Society and ill-health: Smoking Prevention and Cessation
  • Health promotion, intervention and community epidemiology
  • Life styles and salutogenesis
  • health, mhealth, and empowerment

Other perspectives and functions


Since the beginning of my work as a health sociologist, I am committed to procure the articulation between the origins of health and of a sustainable society where quality of life and wellness are key topics. The question has been "salus - unde venis?"

My teaching activities have been related to sociology of health and ill health, health promotion and health policy at different courses and programs like the Master of Public Health, Master of Health Management or Doctoral Program of Public Health. As a Public Health teacher I have been actively engaged in the creation and implementation of teaching modules such as "Sociology of Health and Public health", "Demography and Public Health" or “Healthy Life Styles: from Theory to Practice”. My teaching focus on the course implemented at the National School of Public Health of Lisbon “Health Paradigms, Salutogenesis and Public Health” has been the natural context for the discussion of the salutogenesis paradigm and for its establishment within specific public health interventions where health promotion is at stake. I was also responsible for the development and implementation of several post-graduate courses, including “Smoking Prevention and Cessation” training for health professionals, Master Program of Health Promotion (credited by the IUHPE).

My research interest has focused on theoretical and evidence-based good practice in public health, health promotion and health literacy. As a researcher and health promoter, I have been committed to the development of salutogenic applications in which information and knowledge management are key elements in easing the everyday burden of health professionals and also promote citizens’ health literacy. My publishing endeavor has concentrated on channeling knowledge from breakthroughs in scientific research into health literacy and on facilitating the assimilation of these innovations by the public domain. The question here is "salus - quo vadis?" How life styles changes are achieved towards health creation, has been a major area of activity and implementation on the realm of sustainable living. Consequently sociology has given me the tools to start to move beyond the metaphor of life to the very essence of health. …!