Our Mission

ReCCE stands for empirical and interdisciplinary research on education for sustainable development (ESD) and climate change education (CC) and combines it with communication and application of the findings in all educational sectors.

Our Vision

To explore and make understandable how effective ESD and CC can be designed.

This purpose is realized in ReCCE by:

  • the promotion of scientific cooperation among members and the exchange of experience and information on scientific matters, specifically on topics, methods and results of empirical research that concern CCE and ESD;
  • the organisation of scientific workshops, seminars and lectures as well as regularly held scientific conferences;
  • the initiation and support of interdisciplinary and empirical research projects on CCE and ESD;
  • the promotion of joint specialist publications;
  • the promotion of junior researchers in the fields of empirical research on CCE and ESD;
  • promoting the transfer of scientific findings from empirical research on CCE and ESD to all areas of society, informing the public and educational practice about the status and development of empirical research on CCE and ESD as well as integrating these findings into all phases of teacher training;
  • to promote cooperation with other universities and scientific institutions at national, European and international level and to initiate and maintain international contacts.