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The aim of the project Jean Monnet Chair Freiburg for European Education (JMC-FrEE) is the promotion of basic and in-depth knowledge on European Integration, esp. on European Education. The topic Dealing with Diversity in
is especially emphasized.


Our main objective is to provide expert guidance to future educators and teachers about European matters, and to prepare them to organize learning and teaching processes in a European context. They should be prepared in Teacher Training for the education of the next generation of active European citizens, both theoretically and practically.


There are 3 main areas of our multidisciplinary teaching and research activities:

  • Europeanization of Education
  • Intercultural Education (esp. Multilingual Education) in Europe
  • Education for disadvantaged children (esp. from the Roma-minority) in Europe.


All information about the "Jean Monnet Chair Freiburg for European Education" are summarized in the JMC-FrEE-Flyer


With the support of the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union