Practice-oriented projects in the context of climate education and education for sustainable development

The ReCCE distinguishes itself through its research projects in empirical educational research on climate change education (CCE) and education for sustainable development (ESD). In addition to these research projects, the members of the ReCCE are involved in numerous other ESD- and CCE-related activities, which, according to the goals of the ReCCE, are not within the remit of the research center, as they are not grounded in the field of empirical educational research. Nevertheless, these activities of ReCCE members may be of interest to pracitioners, researchers, politicians and  the wider public. They include, for example, educational consulting in the sense of theory-guided and science-based consulting, evaluations or monitoring of evaluation concepts, development of teaching materials, design of (digital) learning settings, and many more. Some examples of these types of activities can be found under the links listed. If you are interested in these areas, please feel free to contact the ReCCE, We will be happy to forward your request to our members, who will contact you based on their expertise. You are also welcome to contact our scientists directly.


Exemplary Projects

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