Members of the ReCCE

The members contribute to the overall objective of the ReCCE. All official members form the General Assembly, which has the following tasks:

  • Discussing and consulting the Board of Directors on the strategic direction and goals of the ReCCE.
  • Suggesting options for the realisation of the aims of the statutes.
  • Preparing a proposal for the appointment to offices of the Board of Directors.
  • Deciding on the admission of new members.
  • Deciding on the exclusion of a member, provided that the decision of the Board of Directors to expel a member is contested by the concerned member (§4 (4)).
  • Deciding on amendments to the statutes.

How can I become a member of the ReCCE?

Members of the Freiburg University of Education can become members of the ReCCE:

  • as full, temporary full and as associate member;
  • Only those who are scientifically proven in the field of empirical educational research on KB or ESD can be accepted as full members. As a rule, this is proven by the doctorate and additionally at least two scientific publications in the field of empirical research on KB or ESD;
  • a temporary full membership can also be acquired through participation in a recognized ReCCE research project. The time limit is based on the duration of the research project. A continuation of the membership can be applied for individually;
  • In addition, anyone working on a dissertation in the field of empirical research on KB or ESD can be accepted as an associate member. This must be proven by a confirmation of the supervisor. Associate membership is also open to those who are qualified in a subject area relevant to KB and ESD.

Membership is applied for in writing to the Management Committee. The application for membership in the ReCCE can be submitted by the applicant him/herself or by a member of the ReCCE. The General Assembly decides on the admission of a member in a closed session. The admission requires the consent of two thirds of the members present. Members commit themselves with their admission to participate in the tasks formulated in the statutes of the ReCCE in §2 and to take part in the general meeting (§6).