5th Conference on Afghanistan - 13 July 2024 - at University of Education Freiburg


We warmly invite you to attend and participate in the 5th Conference on Afghanistan at the University of Education Freiburg on Saturday, 13th July 2024.

After 2021, Afghanistan has disappeared from the global news. Yet, the life of Afghans continued and it has changed profoundly, specifically the life of girls and women. Afghanistan is currently experiencing several crises including economic instability, shortages in healthcare, and social and cultural change. All these factors strongly affects the life, well-being and future. To address some of these challenges, conserted action is needed. The Working Group Afghanistan at the University of Education Freiburg welcomes all participants to the conference on "Polycrises in Afghanistan: Education and Diaspora Responses”

This conference provides an excellent platform for experts, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to come together, share insights and experiences, and discuss solutions regarding the current situation in Afghanistan. In keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, and poster presentations, the conference aims to explore the response by the educational sector and the Afghan diaspora to address these crises and identify potential strategies to overcome the current challenges.

Keynote speakers

Dr Sima Samar, the alternative peace nobel prize nominee


Dr. Abas Basir worked as the Minister for Higher Education of Afghanistan until the time that the Taliban took power in Kabul. Before joining the Ministry, he worked as the Director General of the South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP), as well as Senior Advisor to the Afghan President on Natural Resources and Environment, Chief of Staff, Afghan Vice President Office, Deputy Director General, National Environmental Protection Agency, Afghanistan (NEPA), and Acting Director, International Cultural Relations Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also served as Afghan diplomat in New Delhi.

In addition, he had experienced teaching environment law and water management studies in Afghanistan at a variety of universities, both at a Masters and Undergraduate level. He has authored publications in the fields of environment law, policy, and elections. One of his published books on environment law is now used as a textbook by the universities as well as CSOs.

He did his Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University of India on international environmental law.

Program & call for contributions

Call for workshops and posters 

Program (preliminary program)

We warmly invite you to present your work and your research during the conference (e.g. a poster). Please send us an email.

Further information

Target group      Afghans and researchers, lecturers, activists, researchers, politicians interested in Afghanistan …

Fees                    Free of charge

Location             University of Education Freiburg

                            Kunzenweg 21, 79117 Freiburg

                            KG 5 / 104 (Arrival and Map) & online

Organizers         Working Group Afghanistan, a.o. Prof. Dr. Uwe H. Bittlingmayer, Dr. Stefanie Harsch

Contact               Afghanistan@ph-freiburg.de

Registration       Please register for online and onsite participation here.