About the Chair Academy on Healthy Lifestyles & Health Literacy

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The Chair Academy on Healthy Lifestyles & Health Literacy for all is a joint project as part of the collaboration between the University of Education Freiburg and other institutions.

The HeLiCA Consortium includes regional, national and international organizations committed to be stakeholders in the domain of sustainability in order to meet citizen’s expectations. Therefore the HeLiCA programme is an example of how relevant it is today to move from our traditional perspectives to embrace a new ethos and praxis regarding human experience. Analyzing risks, reducing risks and ensuring against risks is a whole-of-society and whole-of-government endeavor.

But more is needed than this risk perspective. Promoting health and pro-actively engaging the resilient individual is the sustainable perspective that needs to be triggered. In this very sense, the “one health” perspectives, inclusive of health promotion, becomes of utmost importance for future health action and policy. Although recognized today as a priority topic in the agenda, sustainable living and lifestyles lacks a reflection in an era of globalization. From the standpoint of lifestyles footprint impact on the planet, incipient and contradictory approaches populated today a vast spectrum of opinions that leads to the need of health literacy increment.

There is a lack of a comprehensive and integrative approach, since most of the time this discussion is anchored in the disease realm, without proper research and knowledge validation on health creation. Today these issues are amplified with the information society where ideas originated by someone can resonate almost instantly through the web highways reaching hordes of consumers or prosumers in a blink of an eye. Consequently health promotion & education in a public health context are the right nest to nurture the scientific approach to the dyad lifestyles and health!

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