Daniel Prince

Akademischer Mitarbeiter

E-Mail daniel.prince(at)ph-freiburg.de
Sprechstunde Sprechstunde: n.V

After gaining a 1st class degree in Ancient History and Latin at Manchester University, I moved to Freiburg to pursue an MA in English Language and Linguistics. Having taught in Hungary, Switzerland and Germany, I have ten years' experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language at all levels, groups and types of Englishes.

I have taught at Tübingen University and PH Karlsruhe. More locally, I taught at the SLI Freiburg at Freiburg University for five years and am entering my seventh semester teaching at the PH Freiburg. I currently also teach at a Gewerbeschule in Freiburg. 

When not blundering chess pieces and reading widely and wildly, I enjoy hiking around Freiburg, going to Fightclub (I broke the first rule, there), and being gently ironic. 

For me, the art of teaching and grammar is being able to offer a guiding hand to students, helping them unlock stories (set-piece life stories as well as the everyday). To this end, I think the use of humour can be a great asset, along with adopting an encouraging, exploitative approach to language. 

- The Present Perfect 

- Corpus Linguistics and German School Books 

- Language and Gender 

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