Daniel Prince


E-Mail daniel.prince(at)ph-freiburg.de
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After gaining a 1st class degree in Ancient History and Latin at Manchester University, I moved to Freiburg to pursue an MA in English Language and Linguistics. Having taught in Hungary, Switzerland and Germany, I have five years' experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language at all levels and all groups.

More locally, I have been teaching at the Sprachlehrinstitut der Philologischen Fakultät Freiburg for three years and am entering my third semester teaching at the PH. I also work for the British Council.

When not having one eye on a PhD, I enjoy hiking around Freiburg, sampling the local coffee culture, and being ironic. 

- The Present Perfect (from both a typological and synchronic perspective across "British", American, and Australian Englishes)

- Acceptability Judgments  (their set-up and value as a source of data)

- Language Contrasts (esp. English-German)

- Conversation Analysis (CA)

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