Adequate role allocation and clear distribution of responsibilities are part of the overall management strategy. FUE and TyuSU equally lead in management of the project in order to ensure continuity and to capitalize on previous joint experience. The management structure and the Work Plan were discussed at the kick-off meeting at TyuSU and agreed upon by the consortium, with performance indicators clearly established, although the plan has to be constantly adjusted to the changing situation due to the pandemic. The management structure, duties and responsibilities were clarified following the feedback from early project monitoring at KZ and RF. FUE as the grant holder and TyuSU as the PC coordinator lead on implementation of WP 1, WP 7, WP 8 and WP 9 supported by other PIs. They ensure overall smooth running of the project; collect and analyse regular reports from partners; make annual reviews of the project implementation; prepare the external audit and reports to the EACEA.

The main driving force for cooordination is the Project Management Board (PMB), including local coordinators, and chaired by FUE and TyuSU. English is an official language for communication in the consortium.

The PMB holds frequent online meetings (at least twice a month) and regular day-to-day communication (mostly 3-4 times a week), via email, Zoom and Skype. The WP lead partners are in charge of organisation and implementation of the WP activities, reporting to the Coordinator on a regular basis.