The HEalthy LIfestyles & Health Literacy Chair Academy (HeLiCA) is a joint venture under the auspices of UNESCO Chair of Health Promotion and Education. Involving several institutions HeLiCA is a three fold entry point designed to contribute to a sustainable living in the midst of an ecosystem challenge: 

A) HeLiCA journey starts with a boot camp (Summer University Program, 10 ECTS) where participants are invited to consider a new ethos and praxis regarding the human experience towards its sustainability, from the standpoint of the health field; 

B) As this journey moves on, a second step can be laid down in the re-boot camp, a Post-graduation course (50 ECTS) where fundamental questions raised in the boot camp are amplified and participants have the opportunity to get the journey moved on steadfastly;

C) As a third major entry point stands the HeLiCA booth Doctoral Program (240 ECTS). Here a fully online structured and interdisciplinary PhD program in Public Health with a focus on Healthy Lifestyles and Health Literacy, with particular realms in issues such as Lifestyles Medicine & Sustainability, Health Inequalities, Health and Education, allow participants to meet and foster their creativity & innovation towards the HeLiCA’s challenge.

Please manifest here your interest in getting involved in any of these HeLiCA three components and get informed of their specific conditions and calendar! 

Be welcomed! 

The HeLiCA Consortium joins other regional, national and international organizations committed to be stakeholders in the domain of sustainability in order to meet citizen’s expectations. Therefore, moving beyond the risk approach, HeLiCA is a striking example of how relevant it is today to move from our traditional perspectives to embrace a new ethos and praxis regarding human experience. Analyzing risks, reducing risks and ensuring against risks is a whole-of-society and whole-of-government endeavor. But more is needed than this risk perspective. Promoting health and pro-actively engaging the resilient individual is the sustainable perspective that needs to be triggered. In this very sense, the “one health” perspectives, inclusive of health promotion, becomes of utmost importance for future health action and policy. Although recognized today as a priority topic in the agenda, sustainable living and lifestyles lacks a reflection in an era of globalization. From the standpoint of lifestyles footprint impact on the planet, incipient and contradictory approaches populated today a vast spectrum of opinions that leads to the need of health literacy increment. There is a lack of a comprehensive and integrative approach, since most of the time this discussion is anchored in the disease realm, without proper research and knowledge validation on health creation. Today these issues are amplified with the information society where ideas originated by someone can resonate almost instantly through the web highways reaching hordes of consumers or prosumers in a blink of an eye. Consequently health promotion & education in a public health context are the right nest to nurture the scientific approach to the dyad lifestyles and health!

Traditional disciplines will walk in hand with advanced tokens of innovation, offering their methodological and substantive contributions. Covering topics such as how evidence is built in medicine and public health, how education contributes to the conscientização (empowerment) of the world citizen, how ethics transforms science to respond to health creation, will be the basis for training in transferable skills of students. Such skills will cover project management, planning, leadership, team working, communication skills and a comprehensive domain of theory in which crushed research and hypothesis testing may propagate. Therefore with HeLiCA, employability is strengthened, increasing aptitudes to the up-and-coming move from, for example, the PhD study plan to a forthcoming career.

Getting involved in any of HeLiCA's three components will trigger different themes and different levels of insight and deap! For example with the PhD program in Public Health with a focus on Healthy Lifestyles and Health Literacy, with particular realms in issues such as Lifestyles Medicine & Sustainability, Health Inequalities, Health and Education our aim is to offer the right booth where creativity, innovation and knowledge are translated to the world citizen of the XXI century.

HeLiCA will offer opportunities for students to develop their post graduation or PhD research in close articulation with organizations and networks linking them to health promotion and education, public health, disease prevention and medicine, at the local, regional, national and international levels. 

Participants will come into contact with current healthy lifestyles and health literacy research, at the crossroads of disciplines that very often bring isolated contributions towards a healthier society. Therefore being a booth of such confluences, HeLiCA crosses boundaries, endorses sustainability in the demand of the health literate citizen.

HeLiCA is designed to be a booth of knowledge development and translation. As an open structure it is aimed to search, test concepts and explore new praxis at the fair of human solutions and propositions for a sustainable living. Therefore, the needs of participants are addressed to enhance research skills and implementation tools in health promotion and education, public health and sustainable living. 

HeLiCA uses English as a basic language. Except for the first mandatory boot camp, it is fully online (with optional face to face and blended learning possibilities). During the first year mandatory and optional courses will be offered to be chosen by students following the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). With this tool of the European Higher Education Area for making studies and courses more transparent, students can more comprehensively move between countries and have their academic qualifications and study periods abroad recognized. 

We are sure that the best students that want to bring their influence and contribution to the deep quest for sustainability, will find the HeLiCA program the best up-to-date internationally competitive PhD program, a clear first choice to guarantee success of a thriving world.

HeLiCA is based on the teaching and research experience of international universities and institutions based in countries such as Germany, Norway, Israel, Portugal, France, USA  building on long standing experience of training in Education, Health Promotion, Health Education, Disease Prevention, Medicine and Public Health. It offers the structural conditions needed for such international training in close articulation with the Unesco Chair of HPED (UC), PH Freiburg University of Education (PH) Germany, University Minho (UM), University Madeira (UMa), Faculty of Medicine of Lisboa (UML), ESTeSC Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra, Faculty of Medicine of Algarve (UA) Portugal, School of Public Health, University of Haifa, Israel (C&H), University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UH) USA.

Manifest here your interest in getting involved in any of the HeLiCA three components and get informed of their specific conditions and calendar! Pre-register here.

Please contact Luis Saboga-Nunes for your questions.